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Book.rihot.com is one of the website that serve people like you ,me …etc to get what they want for less price or for free sometimes.
Well about the ebooks we sell on Our Store  they are all legal to buy them because we buy the license to resell them when we purchase them.
you may ask why they are for lower price ?. Ok first that ‘s because we love you soo much ,second we are a small new business that need your helps to be known as much as possible . We sadly don’t want to say that but one day the price will be raised so make sure to get any ebooks you want before that day come       We are not sure when.But we will notify you before  do that by one week .
Hope you enjoy your stay on our website ,please share it with a friend . Support us if you loved too – this will let us give a free ebooks to some who really need it (everyday we recieve tens of requesting the ebook for free)

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