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Accidental Babies book Review – Free ebook download

Accidental Babies book Review - Free ebook download
Accidental Babies book Review - Free ebook download
Accidental Babies book Review - Free ebook download

Book information

Name                       : Accidental Babies
Author                      :  Saiyidah Rahman
Pages (hardcover) :  249 pages
Publication Year     :  2019
Language                :  English
Category                  :Parenting & Relationships(click for more books in the same category)

About the bookᶠᵘˡˡ ʳᵉᵛᶦᵉʷ :

Dashing billionaire falls in love with average jobseeker and sweeps her off her feet with… babies?

Tall, handsome, rich, and sexy, Jason Halloway is every woman’s dream guy. And as billionaires go, he’s not so bad himself; he seems to have everything in his life figured out already except for two little things—his misbehaving twins, Daphne and Tanner.

Tall, a bit plain, definitely not rich, and two stones bigger than what Jason preferred his female employees, April Saunders is hardly worth anyone’s attention let alone the great Mr. Halloway’s. It seems her hopes of working in the reputable Halloway Corporations are already crushed before it could even take root.

But when Jason loses the twins in his office and finds them in the arms of April, smiling in contentment, he needed to have a look at this person who just saved his day.

And when she looked back at him with her suck-me-in obsidian eyes, he faltered…

He might just let her in his company.

Filled with the right amount of lighthearted jokes, family drama, and steamy love scenes, the page-turner Accidental Babies will have every reader of every age laugh, cry, and experience love—the real kind—that comes in all shapes and sizes

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