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Sigh, Gone book Review – Free ebook download

Sigh, Gone book Review - Free ebook download
Sigh, Gone book Review - Free ebook download
Sigh, Gone book Review - Free ebook download

Book information

Name                       :  Sigh, Gone
Author                      :  Phuc Tran
Pages (hardcover) :  263 pages
Publication Year     :  2020
Language                :  English
Category                  :Biographies & Memoirs(click for more books in the same category)

About the bookᶠᵘˡˡ ʳᵉᵛᶦᵉʷ :

For anyone who has ever felt like they don’t belong, Sigh, Gone shares an irreverent, funny, and moving tale of displacement and assimilation woven together with poignant themes from beloved works of classic literature.

In 1975, during the fall of Saigon, Phuc Tran immigrates to America along with his family. By sheer chance they land in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, a small, rural town where the Trans struggle to assimilate into their new life. In this coming-of-age memoir told through the themes of great books such as Metamorphosis, The Scarlett Letter, The Iliad, and more, Tran navigates the push and pull of finding and accepting himself despite the challenges of immigration, feelings of isolation, teenage rebellion, and assimilation, all while attempting to meet the rigid expectations set by his immigrant parents.

Appealing to fans of coming-of-age memoirs such as Fresh Off the Boat, Running with Scissors, or tales of…

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